God Is by Mark Jones (Crossway, 2017)

A Devotional Guide to the Attributes of God

What do we really say when we speak of God? It is a wonder that we can say anything about him, and yet he commands us to do so and to do it truly and well (Loc 2955, Kindle).

Far from being mere high-end theology for those in ivory towers, the study of God’s attributes should bring us to the place where we are humbled to the very core of our being (Loc 1045, Kindle).

So writes Mark Jones in Chapter 9, God Is Omniscient, in his book God Is. Indeed, this could well serve to describe his intention for writing this splendid little book.

There is nothing trivial or esoteric about studying the attributes of God, and Jones makes this marvellously clear. He writes a chapter for each of twenty-six attributes by first defining and explaining the doctrine of each attribute. This is wonderfully lucid and understandable, but what makes this book truly outstanding is how the author then continues the explanation of each doctrine as it applies to and is expressed in Christ. A dominant theme throughout, as Jones says himself, is that “nothing gives a greater display of God’s attributes than his Son who became man” (Loc 2644, Kindle).

The person and work of Christ testifies to a God greater than that which can be conceived. In other words, a poor doctrine of God leads to a poor understanding of Christ, and vice versa. It is to our great advantage to know God. “Fresh joys spring continually from his face,” Thomas Watson declares; “he is as much to be desired after millions of years by glorified souls as at the first moment.” (Loc 2974, Kindle)

The author then applies what he has explained and illustrates the profound effect that each attribute produces in the believer. Doctrine—Christ—Application… this book is not meant to gather dust on a shelf. It is to be treasured and shared, for it lives up to the subtitle, A Devotional Guide to the Attributes of God.

Thank you to Crossway for providing a complimentary copy of this book through the Blog Review Program.