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  • A Review of Providence by John Piper

    A Review of Providence by John Piper

    Yes, Providence is a long book. This book is also filled with real hope, joy, encouragement, and valuable teaching about living fully and confidently. I am convinced that our age is one of self-worship, anxiety, and angst. What better alternative could we find than a God who is patient, gracious, in sovereign control of every…

  • God made promises!

    God made promises!

    Covenant Theology: Biblical, Theological, and Historical Perspectives Edited by Guy Prentiss Waters, J. Nicholas Reid, and John R. Muether.  Crossway (Wheaton, IL), 2020. When I encountered Reformed, covenantal theology as a young Christian, I found it initially challenging and even confusing. Much of my difficulty lay in the dispensational fragmentation of the Bible I had…

  • The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self

    The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self

    Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution by Carl R. Trueman; Foreword by Rod Dreher. Copyright © 2020 by Carl   R. Trueman. Published by Crossway, Wheaton, Illinois An incredible book! Carl Trueman clearly and forcefully connects a lot of dots for understanding the modern self. He explains the roots, development, and…

  • Commentary :: Ezra to Job

    Commentary :: Ezra to Job

    ESV Expository Commentary, Volume IV: Ezra – Job Editors: Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton Jr., Jay Sklar Authors: W. Brian Aucker (Ezra and Nehemiah), Eric Ortlund (Esther), Douglas Sean O’Donnell (Job) Crossway: Wheaton, IL, 2020 Among the several criteria by which I select a commentary is the academic and literary pedigree and track record…

  • The Heart of John Owen :: a book review

    The Heart of John Owen :: a book review

    An Introduction to John Owen: A Christian Vision for Every Stage of Life by Crawford Gribben; Crossway, Wheaton, 2020 Crawford Gribben has already written a biography of John Owen (John Owen and Puritanism: Experiences of Defeat, 2016). In this work, Gribben seeks to give insight into Owen’s ministry to the spiritual lives of those who…

  • One Assembly – a book review

    One Assembly – a book review

    One Assembly: Rethinking the Multisite and Multiservice Church Models Jonathon Leeman | Crossway, 2020 One assembly—one church. Two assemblies—two churches. Simple and straightforward. Biblical and effective. Jonathon Leeman presents a careful and studied argument that each and every physical gathering of a local church is “an outpost or embassy of heaven,” wherein “the church gathering…

  • Finding the Right Hills to Die On – a book review

    Finding the Right Hills to Die On – a book review

    Finding the Right Hills to Die On: The Case for Theological Triage Gavin Ortlund     |     Crossway, 2020 What distinguishes a doctrine or theological issue as essential? What marks a doctrine as secondary? Or trivial? Surely, even when we insist on the importance of truth, not all doctrines are worth the same energy and time and…

  • Gifts from God to change your life

    Gifts from God to change your life

    Baptism and Communion are signs and seals of God’s grace to his people. If you have wondered what that means, or even if you do have some idea of it, you can profit remarkably by reading Tim Chester’s book, Truth We Can Touch. Chester does an excellent job of joyfully examining these life-changing gifts from…

  • A beautiful story of true love

    A beautiful story of true love

    The Love of Loves in the Song of Songs Philip G Ryken. Crossway; Wheaton, IL, 2019 Philip Ryken does a marvelous job of interpreting and applying this beautiful story in a way that is accessible and richly practical. I appreciated the way he unfolds the book as a love story within a larger and greater…

  • Are you a “nice” Christian?

    Are you a “nice” Christian?

    Book Review of Nice: Why We Love To Be Liked and How God Calls Us To More, by Rachel Hodde Miller. Published by Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI, 2019. NICE is a dangerous book. Sharon Hodde Miller will put you back on your heels and make you reconsider some habitual behaviours and some assumptions about…