Jesus On Every Page – a new book from David Murray

Jesus On Every Page is a wonderful book of discovery. David Murray has achieved his goal of providing tools for everyone to discover and enjoy Jesus throughout the Old Testament. He has the rare ability to be able to take a subject that is often difficult and complex, and makes it simple enough for anyone to understand it and go to work with it themselves.

For many years, I struggled with the mantra that the Bible is one book, with one author, with one overarching theme and purpose. I became a Christian in an environment which recited the mantra, yet fragmented the Bible and systematically contradicted itself. The misuse or ignorance of the Old Testament is rampant among many Christians today. Murray recalls some of his own journey through a similar wilderness, and how God led him to find and enjoy Jesus throughout the Old Testament in what he calls his own Emmaus road journey.

This book is a distillation of many years of hard work as a teacher, pastor, and student. It is readable and accessible. But if you know how to look under the page, so to speak, you can see that Murray has done a prodigious amount of study. His results are trustworthy and to be treasured.

Murray provides ten different ways to discover and enjoy Jesus in the Old Testament. The book is deceptively simple, but do not let that fool you. There is much to be learned here—for the seminarian, his professors, his parents, his pastor, and his little sister. Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament, whether through history or law or types or proverbs or six other ways, is a journey that every Christian needs to take.

As a graduate of a prestigious seminary, I wish I could have had this book during (and after) my graduate and post-grad studies. It is a marvelous guidebook to the Old Testament. I have ordered multiple copies to share and use in my own teaching.

Thomas Nelson and Dr. Murray graciously provided a pre-release copy for review. I recommend this book without qualification.

Thank you, Dr. Murray. Well done, sir.